Some TLC from KT Photo

As I begin this blog post, I can only think ‘blimey’ what a year. I am acutely aware that it has just about flied by and I’m wondering where’d it go? But then I think of what this year has brought to my life and as my business is such a huge part of it, I think it’d be nice to reflect (I’m also acutely aware that I haven’t blogged! A new years resolution to be sure). 

Firstly, it has been of course the busiest year for weddings yet, with more bookings in the next two years! I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing couples, who have made me feel welcome, who’ve made me laugh, have impressed me with their posing skills and who most importantly believed in my abilities as a photographer. I’m always in awe of each wedding I attend, the pure thought that goes into them and I get a front row seat (figuratively!)

Here’s to the lovely bride & grooms of 2017.. 

In addition to photographing more weddings, I’ve also gained new clients including insurance and property, to add to the schools & graduations. So I’m out there clicking away even more, slowly becoming more disciplined in these sectors (but not without trial and error, i’ll say that much!). I’m also dipping my toe into corporate hospitality, watch this space 2018!

You may or may not also be aware, that in September last year, I returned to Nottingham Trent University, where I studied for my undergraduate in photography. This time I’m returning to gain a Masters in Entrepreneurship, (think the apprentice!) to gain the business skills that I need. Unsure at first, I wouldn’t look back. I have surprised myself with how interested i’ve been, it definitely goes to show that sometimes you need to take a risk! This would be a good time to do a little *shout out* for the amazing new friends that i’ve made this semester. Home for them is all around Europe and beyond & when they leave at the end of next month, a little bit of my soul will go with them *waves*.

This year has also been exciting for some people very close to my heart, including my sister and the arrival of Adelaide, my second niece! And to Megan with the arrival of Jackson..Congratulations to Louise, Adam + Scarlett & Megan, Scott + Peggy!

This year has been essential in the growth of Kt-photography, now transitioned from to the more suitable! I have come across new challenges wether that be practical for instance the weather, poor lighting etc. or that of balance. I’ve learnt to give myself more time to have a schedule, to be able to plan ahead more efficiently. I have also invested considerably into new equipment and software, I’ve swapped suppliers for more suitable and professional services, choosing quality over quantity or price, to produce the best products to treasure. 

2018 is sure to be a very, very exciting year. For many reasons, but partially because I will be in my clients shoes! I have already began (and if you know me, you know thats an understatement!) curating my (our!) big day. You can be assured that I know exactly what you’re going through! I have suppliers, venues, logistics coming out my ears! I understand the pure time and investment this day takes and how important it is to you to just be able to enjoy it! I’ve incorporated this into the way I photograph the big day, to allow you to purely enjoy yourself and to be merely guided by myself to achieve both natural and non invasive photographs.

I’m lucky enough to have a super talented cousin who I convinced to snap some engagement photographs for me! Thank you Stephanie for these! 

I’m very lucky in what I do that I get to experience all sorts of moments, locations, entertainment.. I visited a venue in the rolling hills of the peak district, experienced performers literally turn themselves into fireworks (!) and watched the muppets do a speech, to name a few! 

Of course nothing is ever as glamorous as it seems. I’ve had the first year of ‘wedding back log’ where I’ve not even be able to touch a wedding for a month due to weddings in the editing queue. This is very normal for photographers, however, its the first time for me to work this way and it took some getting used to! I just itch to get started! 

July was my second year doing 3 consecutive weeks away from home of graduations with weddings and editing at weekends, pretty much a month that I won’t remember due to pure blanking out! Not to moan though - hard work paid off in the form of my Mini Countryman, my big fat baby on wheels!

It’s sure to say that my reflection when writing this post is just to take a moment and think, wow. I think its certainly true that you put a certain amount of your heart into running a business, otherwise it just wouldn’t work. No one is super human, everyone has feelings. Being self employed certainly pushes you into scary situations, being entirely responsible for yourself, your well-being, your clients. If anything however this makes what you do that much more important and worth while, and with every ‘situation’ I get myself into (think trying to do a 3 point turn on a steep hill, finding out it’s too steep, lots of tyre smoke trying to straighten up then realising the only way down is in the middle of bollards + crying at the wheel, just one ‘a day in the life’ stories of mine) I will know that (I’m realising how cheese filled this is) I will learn from each experience and will become a wiser more informed person because of it. 

I now feel the urge to end this blog with something like KT-OUT and to throw my papers in the air..instead I’ll just leave with the sentiment that if you’ve made it this far, then thank you. The only way I’m able to earn a living out of photography is purely from the people who hire me, read my stories and look at my images. A special thank you to the people who are almost advocates of KT-Photo! Who tell their friends about me, share my profile etc. At the end of the day you are investing in me as a person and theres no bigger compliment than that really.

Till next time, KT